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A Story of Dedication and Compassion in Gynecology and Obstetrics

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My Journey

My Journey

Hello, I am Dr. Rafiya Zahir, and I would like to share my story with you, my valued patients, and community. My passion for gynecology and obstetrics began during my years as a medical student when I recognized the dire need for improved women’s healthcare in Pakistan. The high rates of maternal and infant mortality, as well as overall lack of awareness on critical women’s health issues, deeply concerned me and fueled my motivation to bring about change in this field.

My journey started with my medical education, where I first earned my MBBS degree followed by an FCPS from a prestigious institution. I then went on to accumulate nine years of valuable experience working in government hospitals and building a solid foundation as a gynecologist and obstetrician. Adding to this foundation, I have also gained over three years of experience in private practices. During these years, I have tirelessly worked towards honing my skills and expanding my knowledge base.

With each passing year, my determination to make a difference grew stronger. I wanted to tackle the prevalent malpractices in the realm of women’s pregnancies and deliveries, to ensure quality healthcare for all. I soon realized that the introduction and popularization of laparoscopic gynecological surgery in Sialkot would greatly revolutionize women’s healthcare and help bringe our community closer to international standards of safe and effective procedures.

Our Mission

IUI Treatment Provider and Infertility Specialist:

Becoming the First Laparoscopic Obstetrician , Consultant Gynecologist in Sialkot Darul - Shifa Hospital

I took it upon myself to dedicate my career to champion this cause, working relentlessly to become the first-ever laparoscopic obstetrician gynecologist in Sialkot. In doing so, I unlocked new possibilities for the city’s women who required advanced diagnostics, therapeutics, or surgical interventions. My continued commitment to refining my expertise and incorporating cutting-edge technology into my practice has not only helped save countless lives but also created a support network for pregnant women, mothers, and any female in need of expert gynecological care in Sialkot. In addition to my work as a laparoscopic specialist, I am proud to expand my practice into the field of infertility, becoming the city’s first provider of Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) treatments and still continuing my work as a consulant gynecologist in Darul – shifa  Hospital And Head OF IUI -Treatment  . My goal is to aid couples in overcoming their struggles with infertility and help them achieve their dreams of parenthood.


  • Earned MBBS and FCPS degrees from prestigious institutions
  • 9+ years of experience serving in government hospitals and still continue serving as consultant gynecologist in khawaja safdar medical and teaching hospital sialkot
  • 3+ years of experience in private practices
  • First-ever laparoscopic obstetrician-gynecologist in Sialkot
  • Pioneered the introduction of laparoscopic gynecological surgery in Sialkot
  • First IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) treatment provider in Sialkot

My Mission

My mission is to transform the landscape of women’s healthcare in Pakistan by combating prevalent malpractices, improving the accessibility of professional and dependable medical services, mainstreaming laparoscopic gynecological surgery in Sialkot, fostering a culture of empathy and understanding towards infertility, PCOS, and other crucial women’s health issues, raising awareness, and providing a high standard of professionalism throughout the healthcare journey of every woman.



My vision as one of the best obstetricians in Sialkot is to dismantle the barriers women face in accessing professional healthcare, advance women-centric medical practices, and ultimately elevate the standard of gynecological care across the nation. I strive to cultivate a society that fosters open dialogues about women’s health and creates an environment where every woman can make informed decisions about her body confidently and without fear. I envision a future where women in Pakistan are empowered with comprehensive knowledge, accessibility, and support in regard to their reproductive health and well-being.

Core Values


Empathy and Compassion

I understand the challenges that women face in seeking quality healthcare and maintain a deep-rooted sense of empathy and compassion for every patient I encounter in my practice. I am dedicated to ensuring that each woman in my care feels valued, understood, and supported throughout her healthcare journey.

Commitment to Excellence

I continuously strive to provide the highest-quality care by staying updated on the latest innovations and best practices in gynecology and obstetrics. My commitment to excellence includes extensive professional development, dedication to patient satisfaction, and unyielding work ethic.



I passionately champion women’s rights to quality healthcare, creating awareness on crucial health issues that are often overlooked and supporting open communication surrounding these matters. I work heartily in my practice and my community to advocate for the respect and dignity that every woman deserves in her healthcare experiences.

Patient-Centered Care

My approach to treatment and healthcare services is tailored to the individual needs of my patients, always prioritizing their well-being, comfort, and satisfaction above all else. In doing so, I cultivate an environment that nurtures trust and empowers women to make confident decisions regarding their health.


Integrity and Professionalism

I abide by the standards of conduct and professionalism expected within the medical community, maintaining utmost integrity and transparency in all aspects of my practice. In doing so, I foster a relationship of trust and credibility with my patients, colleagues, and community.

Join Me in Creating a Better Future

for Women's Healthcare in Pakistan

As I continue on this journey to reshape the landscape of women’s healthcare in Pakistan, I invite you to join me in this mission toward a brighter, healthier future for the women in our country. I am determined to continue pushing the boundaries, driving innovation, and meeting the ever-evolving needs of my patients.

Together, let us work towards a Pakistan where every woman receives the highest-quality healthcare, where the negative impact of malpractices and lack of information is significantly reduced, and where future generations of mothers and daughters can navigate their healthcare confidently and with full support from their providers.

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