An Aim To Save Countless infant’s Life With World-Class Incubaters or NICU Service in Sialkot

Supporting Newborns with Specialized Care and Expertise

An Aim To Save Countless infant’s Life With World-Class Incubaters or NICU Services in Sialkot

A Haven of Compassion and Expertise:

NICU Service in Sialkot for Newborns, Premature babies

In Pakistan, the mortality rate for newborns has been a growing concern with many deaths attributed to insufficient, or inaccessible,

In Pakistan, the mortality rate for newborns has been a growing concern with many deaths attributed to insufficient, or inaccessible,

Incubator and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) facilities.

Every year, countless newborns lose their lives due to the absence of proper ICU care. Realizing this issue, Dr. Rafiya brings a state-of-the-art incubator and NICU service in sialkot, determined to help save young lives with excellence in neonatal care. Our advanced facilities are dedicated to serving the residents of Sialkot, helping fragile newborns thrive and survive, while providing a superior level of care that adheres to international standards. With our services, families can access high-quality, modern neonatal care right in their own city.

What are Incubators and,

Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs)?

Incubators and Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) are specialized facilities designed to provide critical care and support for premature or at-risk newborns. These state-of-the-art units offer a safe and controlled environment where newborns can receive expert medical attention tailored to their specific needs.

Incubators are enclosed, regulated chambers that maintain a stable temperature and humidity, closely mimicking the womb, in an effort to recreate a healthy environment for a newborn’s growth and development. NICUs, on the other hand, are dedicated wards within a hospital where newborns with severe health problems, minimal birth weight or require close monitoring, are placed under a multidisciplinary healthcare team’s care.

Premature or sick babies often need specialized medical attention to ensure stability and improve their chances of survival. Incubators and NICUs provide this specialized care under a controlled environment, which significantly contributes to reducing infant mortality rates.

What are Incubators?
Incubators Are Critical for Saving Babies Lives

Why Incubators and Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs)

Are Critical for Saving Babies' Lives?

Premature or at-risk babies face numerous challenges, including respiratory problems, jaundice, infections, unstable metabolism, and many other complications. Incubators and NICUs provide these fragile newborns with essential care tailored to address their unique needs. The use of incubators and NICUs have dramatically improved survival rates among premature and at-risk newborns. By offering close monitoring and specialized medical interventions, these services increase infants’ chances of overcoming early-life complications and growing into healthy children.

Key Features of Our Incubators

or NICU Service In Sialkot


Optimized Support

A premature infant’s body is in need of additional support as it continues to grow and develop. Incubators or NICUs offer controlled environments that help regulate babies’ temperature, humidity, and oxygen levels, based on their unique and constantly changing requirements.

Round-the-clock Care

The highly-trained staff at our clinic closely monitors premature infants 24/7 to ensure their wellbeing and progress. This allows for timely identification and management of any potential threats or complications that may arise.

Round-the-clock Care
Advanced Equipment

Advanced Equipment

Our facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology specifically designed for providing optimal care to premature infants. This includes specialized incubators, respiration support systems, and vein catheters that allow our medical professionals to closely monitor and address each infant’s needs.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Our experienced team consists of gynecologists, pediatricians, neonatologists, and specialized nursing professionals who collaborate to provide comprehensive care for both the mother and the infant. This multifaceted approach helps minimize health risks and promote a faster, safer recovery.

Family-centered Care

Family-centered Care

We understand that family involvement is key in premature infants’ recovery and growth. Our approach includes regular updates, visits, and interaction between the baby and the family, allowing parents to be an integral part of their child’s journey towards improved health and development.

What Is The Process Of Ulitizing Incubators

and Our NICU Service In Sialkot?

STEP (1)
Optimized Support
Assessing the baby's condition and determining treatment

Upon admission, the neonatal healthcare team will examine the baby's medical condition, diagnose any issues, and determine the appropriate course of treatment. This collaborative approach ensures that each newborn receives the best care possible.

STEP (2)
Round-the-clock Care
Stabilization, monitoring, and support in NICUs

In the NICUs, the neonatal team stabilizes fragile newborns and provides ongoing monitoring to track their progress. This enables doctors to make any necessary adjustments in treatment and continually evaluate the child's condition.

STEP (3)
Advanced Equipment
Role of incubators in regulating temperature and humidity

Incubators play a crucial role in helping babies with temperature regulation, managing humidity levels, and reducing outside contaminants. These factors are critical to the infant's healthy growth and development.

STEP (4)
Specialized Panel of General Surgeons Dedicated to Optimal Patient Outcomes
Importance of a multidisciplinary healthcare team

Successful neonatal care depends on an interdisciplinary team of professionals, including not only doctors and nurses, but also nutritionists, respiratory therapists, and other specialists. This collaborative approach helps to ensure that every aspect of the newborn's care is addressed and optimized to support their health and well-being.

STEP (5)
Family-centered Care
Family Involvement and Education

Family members play an equally important role in an infant's recovery process, as emotional support and involvement contribute positively to their overall well-being. In addition, education and guidance on newborn care are essential for families to understand and actively participate in their child's care journey.

Why Our Infant Incubators and NICU Service In Sialkot

is the Best Options for Residents in Sialkot

Inaccessibility of Professional Gynecologists

Proximity and accessibility for Sialkot residents

Located in the heart of Sialkot city, our Incubator, and NICU facilities are easily accessible for local families, ensuring that vital neonatal care is available when needed most. This eliminates the need for long travel and logistical concerns that may arise with access to specialized care.

Lack of Awareness on Women's Health

Adherence to international standards and protocols

Our services meet the highest international standards and follow best practices in neonatal care, thus guaranteeing the best possible care and outcome for your baby.

Family Planning

Continual enhancement of NICU services based on research and advancements

As medical innovations emerge in the field of neonatology, our hospital adopts these advancements and integrates them into our services. We remain dedicated to providing up-to-date, cutting-edge neonatal care to the families of Sialkot.

A dedicated and compassionate team of professionals

A dedicated and compassionate team of professionals

Our hospital is committed to providing exceptional care by a team of experienced and dedicated professionals, including neonatologists, specialized nurses, and support staff. The care provided by our team is not only focused on medical outcomes but also on soothing the child’s discomfort and emotional needs at this vital time.

Long-standing reputation for excellence in obstetric and gynecological care

Long-standing reputation for excellence in obstetric and gynecological care

Dr. Rafiya, a respected gynecologist, laparoscopic surgeon, and infertility specialist, is dedicated to offering the best care to mothers and infants. With years of experience and commitment to excellence in health care, our hospital enjoys a reputation as a leading medical provider in Sialkot.



naveen shahid

naveen shahid


Thanks to Dr. Rafiya and her team, our baby received the exceptional care that she needed during her time in the NICU. We are incredibly grateful for their dedication and expertise.

When our newborn was admitted to the NICU, the staff at Dr. Rafiya's hospital provided ongoing support and reassurance as we navigated this challenging time.

saima rasheed

saima rasheed

Razia anwar

Razia anwar


Our family is incredibly grateful for the expert care our baby received within Dr. Rafiya's (NICUs) Center. It made a lasting impact on our child's health and future.


Asked questions

We encourage you to peruse our FAQ section, where you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions, providing valuable insights into various aspects of women’s health.

Premature birth, low birth weight, respiratory issues, cardiac problems, infections, birth defects, or jaundice are some common conditions that may necessitate NICU care.

The length of stay in the NICU varies depending on the baby’s condition and progress. Some newborns may need only a few days, while others may require several weeks or even months of specialized care.

Parents can actively participate in their baby’s care by attending rounds, learning about their baby’s condition, talking to the healthcare team, providing comfort through touch and holding the baby when possible, and participating in feeding or diaper changes as directed by the staff.

The decision to place a baby in an incubator or admit them to the NICU will depend on their medical condition and the attending healthcare provider’s assessment. It is essential to trust your baby’s healthcare team and seek clarification from them if you have any concerns.

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